Thousands of homes in America are affected by pest infestation. It is important to select a residential pest controller for home that can provide personalized service and enhance your overall experience. Below we share some of the most prominent pest controllers across America.




Operating in the Brooklyn New York region. EZ Pest Exterminating has a lot of experience in dealing with all kinds of pest infestation. The company specializes in dealing with rodents, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other types of insects. You would also be able to get free quotes from the about your project. The company also claims to provide the cheapest prices compared to their competition.

2) Pest Control Boston King


Magical pest claims to be the leader in pest control industry and provides its clients with critical information and advice about different kinds of pest infestations. The company possesses a wealth of experience in handling in all kinds of residential infestations. Their competitive prices make them an attractive option for all kinds of pest related issues.



This resource provides details about products and methods through which you can cure the pest infestation by yourself without any professional help. The site contains a wealth of information about all aspects of pest control and also provides details about different pest controllers in your region.



If you are unsure about different pest controllers in your region then use Consumer affairs to read the reviews of the users regarding the pest controller. The website also provide a lot of detail about the price, location and types of services offered by different pest controllers.